Tuesday, September 05, 2006


No students around the faculty this week. They away to hometown. Maybe now in da middle of vacation. Only who want an extra practices still living in their workstation. Several of them stayed in studio. They dont have a house to rent. Maybe considered money problem, or maybe dont have enough 'friend' to gather in order to rent a house.
An experience as a student helped me to solved and to understanding the students especially. I think they are special. Every person has their pro n cons... i mean, they got they special ability and the weakness. I consulted them fair and square. No biased to any person. No matter what, if they always see me if they in da middle of confusing or maybe they got a popular face.. i threat them same level as they got.
They are got a different level of personality...... various of click..... kinda guts..... and friendly faces. I can see that.
Now, i can absord the working flow in here. I know how to re-charge my battery, if i got got after lunch..(you know how hard to do to something after eat). Differ from 2 month ago. I have no time to everybody. and u know what, its so tired to teached, really. even you got home early, you still need a bit of sleeping to re-gain your energy. Its not easy as I think so long ago. I got no time to my friend..my housemate.... my brother...
I am not acted like im busy, but thats the truth.. im not pretented to be a busy person to anyone. Im a new person, despite that status so many addhock job and re arrangge the sylabus to handle..But someone got missjudge that. Please, im not a liar... never think of it...
maybe after that happened, may occured a speculative related to my new job.. sombong la, belagak la... its ok.. telan saja lah. Hanya org yg mengalaminya sahaja mengetahui segala sesuatu..
if im wrong ..please... forgive me..
Im still Fared before and after got back in this art school..