Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Life goes on

since last time wrote in here.. im totally lost in da middle of the path that i choose. I survive in the urban forest, but my invironment was so-called 'kemelayuan' despite of the craft and the creative made makers lingers in my workplace.

that long ago...

and now...

i think im in da ryt path...and headed to the end of the turnel of glory.
thanx god, u just save my life, from the hypocrite matters in da KL, and the dictator design of leadership in front of my eyed...and still remained me a negative impact of her..
hope she will step out from the higher chair. Shes not the person who qualified for this job, because of the political and hidden agenda Maybe.. (just said maybe..)

So the fogged smell on my suit not quite hard to clean so far, and the un-mature poeple who less-understanding of element of art and principle of design be realized that you are not popular to be so-call a great leader, a friend of mine in RnD-gud luck and i wish you'all got the way out from there..

so the canvas and acrylic maybe the close person nowdays.. i enjoyed my life now, hope be better and better...
fine art + life = so good